Evernote 5 issues fixed with new release of 5.0.1. Upgrade now!

When Evernote 5 was released for Mac I watched the promotional videos like everyone else and I was excited. The new layout design looked much nicer than the old design. Many of the new features looked great.

Then I actually installed the Beta update and played with it.

Happy I was not (said in my best Yoda voice).

In my estimation Evernote messed up big time on functionality with a few of the changes, and I made note in a few Facebook groups, including the Evernote for Real Estate Group, I was not a fan and even urged some to wait until the issues were fixed.

Well one of the things I love about Evernote, they make changes and they make them quickly!

I was notified this morning there was a new 5.0.1 version of Evernote for my Mac and here are the fixes:

  • Drag-and-drop Notes onto Notebooks and Tags in the Sidebar (yeaaaa, one of my big complaints)
  • Added an option to show Not counts in the Sidebar (yeaaaa and see below for directions)
  • Added a Trash button to the Note Editor

Now there is one thing I still wish they would fix that they have not fixed. I still cannot on the left sidebar drag a Notebook on top of another Notebook to create a stack. Nor can I drag a Notebook from one stack to another. But I can easily do that now in the second column after I select Notebooks on the left column. The functionality is much better than it was yesterday!

To get your note count back on the left sidebar to go Evernote in the toolbar, click on Preferences and then check ‘Show note count in sidebar’.

I now fully suggest users of Evernote for Mac upgrade to 5.0.1.

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