How to auto-import into Evernote

One of the great things about Dropbox is you can set a folder right on your desktop and quickly save anything into your Dropbox account by moving it to your Dropbox folder.

Did you know you can do something similar with Evernote? Well you can.

There was a conversation about this subject this morning in the Evernote for Real Estate Facebook group (join it here) so I thought I would share how to set this up for both Mac and PC.

If you have my e-book Complete Guide of using Evernote for Real Estate you can find this starting on the bottom of page 37 in version 1.2.

The directions for setting this auto-import feature up on PC’s is pretty easy. Much easier than it is for us Mac users.

Once you create an auto-import folder, any time you save anything into that folder on your PC it will save automatically to your Evernote account.

PC Users

  • Create a folder and name it “Add to Evernote”
  • In Evernote go to Tools -> Import Folders -> Add
  • Select “Add to Evernote” folder and hit OK
  • You can now select if you want to include subfolders
  • Select the notebook to import to in Evernote
  • Choose if you want to delete files from the Add to Evernote folder after they are imported

Note: You can create multiple auto-import folder and have them all import to different notebooks if you like.

Mac Users

There is a hack that allows Mac users to create something similar on your machines. I will give you the link, but I take no responsibility if anything goes wrong.

I did use this and found it easy to set up, but everyone’s ability level is a little different.

Here is the link with directions to set it up on a Mac.

Here is a video I found very helpful when I set mine up.

This is not the exact same as the Windows auto-import, but this does allow you to right click on any file and just send the document directly to Evernote and create a new note. It will add it to an “Auto Import” notebook in your Evernote notebooks.


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