If I use Dropbox do I need Evernote too?

So as the author of Evernote for Real Estate you can imagine I’m a fan of the app. After talking to people and teaching classes about Evernote, one of the most common questions I get is, but can’t I just use Dropbox?

Well, that depends. What are you looking to do?

If you just want a place to store and share documents, then yes, Dropbox is wonderful.

If you are looking to use one app to completely organize and streamline your workflow, then Evernote is the much better choice.

So what can I do in Evernote that I cannot do in Dropbox?

  • Search text on images uploaded (think business cards and receipts)
  • Create new notes and edit them easily
  • Manage my todo and tasks
  • Complete project management
  • Link notes as reference
  • Work checklists
  • Record audio notes
  • Plus a lot more

In both my consulting and real estate business, I manage my projects and transactions through notes and tasks in Evernote. I could never do this in Dropbox.

The great thing about Evernote is it is so flexible and powerful. I have been able to eliminate transaction management software, to-do list software, and other programs by consolidating everything into Evernote.

Oh, and also for just $45 a year I can upload 1gb of information per month into Evernote, so it also works good for storage.

Yes, I admit I am an Evernote fanboy. But to me, comparing Evernote to Dropbox is like comparing a hamburger to a gourmet surf ‘n turf from Smith and Wollenskies. Yes they both have meat in the meal, but the experience of the surf ‘n turf is so much more.

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