If you are an Evernote user and a real estate agent you will want this

Have you heard I have this little Evernote crush? Unless this is your first time here then of course you have.

One thing I really have not explored is signing documents in Evernote.

Sure I can pull them out on my iPad, open them up into PDFExpert and sign then get them back into Evernote. But there should be an easier way right?

There is. Let me introduce you to SignEasy.

SignEasy is an app for your iPad, iPhone or Android device.

As you can see in the picture below SignEasy does not only work with Evernote, but also Dropbox and Box.net.


When you first log in you will want to set up your signature and initials for your own use.

Also in the image below you will see the settings wheel in the top left corner.

You are going to want to click on the settings wheel and enter your Evernote email address in the auto-forward signed files. This way whenever you or a client sign a document it will automatically be sent to your Evernote account too!

SignEasy will save your signature, and if you are concerned you may lose your device and an app has your signature saved, you can add a passcode for added security.


To sign a document you head to the My Documents section on the main page.

You will notice a few sections on the left hand column. “Add a document”, “Original Documents” and “Signed Documents”.

We will get to them all, but let’s start out with Add a document.

From here it will ask you if you want to grab the document from Dropbox, Box.net, Evernote or from your email.

When you select Evernote it will give you a list of your Notebooks.

When you pull in a document it will save it into your Original Documents section.

Notice in the upper right hand corner is the “Sign” button.

When you click on Sign, if it is a multi-page document it will ask you what page you would like to sign.

Once the page is selected in the upper right you will see a pen, that is your signing options icon and you can enter

  • Signature
  • Initials
  • Date
  • Text
  • Checkbox
  • or an Image
When you select Signature or Initials it will ask you if you want to enter your signature (the saved one you have for you), signature of a 2nd person, or signature of a 3rd person.
When you select Text, enter your text, select done and it will place the text on the top of your document, from there you drag it to where you want to place it. Notice below, if the text is not the size you want, there is a button you can drag left or right to increase or reduce the size of the text.
Also when you select text notice the clock icon on the bottom right here. That is a history icon which will show you the last 25 things you entered for text. Great time saver!
While we are on the topic of timesavers take a look at the person icon in the image above. That is a short cut for saved information. In the settings sections of the application (mentioned earlier in this post), there is a section for Personal Details and Custom information. In the Personal Details section you can add your name, email and company and with this section.
In the Custom Information you can add any text that you may use on a regular basis that you want to save time typing. some examples may be cell phone, office phone, fax, real estate license, office address, or anything else you may need often. This can be a great time saver.


When you enter Text and click on the person icon for personal information here is what you will see. Notice the information in the drop down menu is the same as the information I entered above.


When you are entering text, after you place it on the document you where you need it to be you will press Save, then click the pen icon if you need to enter more text.

After you are completed with any text and signatures needed you will click on Finish in the upper right corner.

You will be given the option of completing signing or saving as a draft. This saving as a draft is a great feature if you happen to be somewhere without an internet connection. This way you can save it, then when you have your connection it can be saved and emailed out and placed in your Evernote or Dropbox account.

Original Documents vs Signed Documents

Under the Documents section I mentioned there is an Original Documents and Signed Documents section.

Notice above I now have a “3rd party” and a “listings” document in both sections. Think of the “Original Documents” section as a template section.

The “listings” document you see above is a MLS printout of some houses. Am I ever going to reuse that with new clients? No, not those same houses. I can then hit edit, select “listings” and delete that from Original Documents.

Now the “3rd party” is a document I will use with multiple clients.  I want to save the 3rd party in my Original Documents so each time I use that it is waiting for me right there, and after I have my clients sign it, it will save to Signed Documents.


When I save the signed document I just did, notice it saved it named as 3rd party in the Signed Documents section. What I need to do now is in the lower section do a long press, or a press and hold on 3rd party and rename it. So next time I use the 3rd party it will not overwrite the one I just did because it has the same name.

Also you will notice when you hit the Edit button and select a file you will have the option to either delete the file or send it via email


The app is currently on sale until the end of 2012 for $9.99 a year. I highly recommend if you are avid Evernote user and you need to sign documents from your Evernote account often (like me) you get it now!

No, I do not make a penny off you getting it, I just love the service and think you will too!

Can you see yourself using this? If so, how?


  1. Alan Smith says:

    In addition to personal doc signing, I assume this app is best used when sitting with clients and having them sign the doc on a phone or iPad. Can the doc be emailed to them for signature? If so, would they also need to have the app installed on their device?


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