My new favorite reason to go with Evernote Premium

Most of you probably know I consider myself somewhat of an Evernote-a-holic. I have looked for 12 step plans to cure this addiction, but I have not found any yet online that I can clip with my Evernote webclipper and add to my Evernote to-do list.

There are two versions of my favorite app, a free version and a premium version. The premium version is $45/year or $5/mo. I would gladly pay significantly more than that, but dont tell Evernote founder Phil Libin that :).

So what do you get for only $45/year?

  • 1GB of upload a month vs. 60mb on the free version
  • Access to your Notebooks offline
  • Your PDF’s become searchable (worth it for this reason alone)
  • Your processes jpeg images are searchable quicker
  • The customer support inquiries receive priority responses
  • You get a PIN lock for your iPad and phone
  • The service is add free
  • The sharing Notebook functionality allows others to edit and collaborate better

But wait, don’t order yet because you will also receive…

Clearly text-to-speech!

Have no idea what I am talking about, well then read on because it is worth it.

Evernote has a program called Clearly which is a browser extension that allows you to clean up a page so when you save it to your Evernote account it is a lot cleaner. Here is an example of the same story before and after Clearly was applied.

Before Clearly applied

After Clearly applied

Same story from the same site, but obviously the second one with Clearly is much easier to read.

Now enter text-to-speech.

You will notice on the right of Clearly there are controls to hit play, fast forward and rewind.

After you hit play Clearly starts to read the article to you, you can go do something else while listening to it, or just sit and listen.

I am very much an auditory learner, so for me this is huge. I am in love with this new feature and just one more reason I am willing to be a premium user of Evernote.




  1. I love Evernote & Clearly too, but how is this a Premium feature? Can’t you already use text to speech on every webpage by just selecting the text, right click and select ‘Speech’?

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