13 apps for 2013 Day 3: TextExpander

2013 is 11 days away. Over the final 13 days of 2012 I am highlighting one app/program a day that helps me with my productivity. This is Day 3 and today I’m going to introduce you to TextExpander.

First let me start by saying that TextExpander is a MacOS program. There is a Windows equivillant called Texter.

So what is TextExpander?

TextExpander is a program that allows you to write out long sentances or repetative text with a few short keystrokes.

As a real estate agent I spend a lot of time replying to emails and often those emails are similar to other emails that I send out. TextExpander saves me a lot of time by creating short cuts so I do not have to type the same thing over and over.

With TextExpander I can create a short cut such as ‘!newlist’. When I type that in here is the text that shows up replacing ‘!newlist’

Check out the newest properties to hit the market that match your saved search. Please feel free to email me if you would like any additional information. Or, call my cell at 480–270–4990. Let me know if any of these properties catch your eye!

Now when I set up a new home search I can just type a few letters and the full text will show up. This is a HUGE time saver.

Here is a list of some of the things I have recated short cuts for:

  • Real Estate license number
  • Home Address
  • Brokerage Address
  • Brokerage NAID
  • My lenders
  • Scheduling a home inspection email
  • Title Company address
  • Many more

There are many things we need to type often. Anything you will ever need to type more than once or twice I recommend you set up a short cut and save yourself a whole lot of time.

Full list of 13 apps for a more productive 2013

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