13 apps for 2013 Day 4: PDF Expdert

Heading out of 2012 and into 2013 I am highlighting one app/program a day that helps me with my productivity. This is Day 4 and today I’m going to introduce you to PDF Expert.

If you are an iPad user, I highly recommend you check out PDF Expert.

I am always looking for the latest and greatest apps when it comes to things that help me be more productive. I have been looking for the latest great PDF program since I got my first iPad.

There are many PDF programs for the iPad, I have at least a dozen of them installed on my iPad. I have tried just about every PDF program that has been recommended to me and I am still looking for one that has as much power and is as easy to use as PDF Expert.

Does this mean PDF Expert is the only PDF program worth using and you should go buy it today even if you are happy with your program?

No, not at all.

But if your PDF program has a few bugs and/or you just think it should do more or be easier to use, then by all means I recommend you check out PDF Expert.

PDF Expert became even better this month with the latest update. PDF Expert now has Google Drive sync, allows you to convert files to PDF and is now faster than it used to be.

For editing pdfs, splitting, merging and for a quick signature, PDF Expert is a productivity app I use almost daily.



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  1. hi, have you tried writepdf out of curiosity?

  2. I do have writepdf. I have played with it a little, cant say I have spent a lot of time with it. I like the search function, but not thrilled with the signing function on it.

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