13 apps for a more productive 2013 Day 12: ScheduleOnce

Heading out of 2012 and into 2013 I am highlighting 13 apps that help me with my productivity. This is App 12 and today I’m going to introduce you to ScheduleOnce.

Let me give you a quick scenerio a lot of us face. A real estate agent is driving down the road and a new client calls him wanting to set up a meeting. The agent says he is driving and asks the client to email him what time works best for him.

The customer emails the agent and says he would like to meet at 10am on Tuesday.

The agent looks at his schedule and cannot do that time so he counters back how about Thursday at 10?

And before you know it multiple emails were shared until an acceptable time was agreed on.

Scheduling can be a drag and a productivity killer. Why not use a scheduling software that acts as your personal assistant to schedule for you.

I used to use Tungle.me and love it. They sold out to RIM about a year ago and well, now they are out of business, and it is a shame.

I went on the search for a replacement in the late summer and tried many apps. I was not really that happy with any of them, Tungle has spoiled me.

Then thanks to fellow productivity enthusist Tanya Smith I discovered ScheudleOnce.

ScheduleOnce will sync to your Google or Outlook calendar and display times available for clients to select. You set the times you want to work and ScheduleOnce will show your available times to clients.

Once you book a meeting the time will be removed from your available schedule.

Another great feature with ScheduleOnce is the ability to schedule large groups with ease. When you have a group of 4-5 or more people trying to get together scheduling can become a nightmare. With ScheduleOnce the organizer can send out an email with all the times they have available, then each member selects the times that work for them, and before long you have a time that will work best for everyone.

When I first started using Tungle a few years back I made it easy for people to schedule me by reserving the domain ScheduleDean.com. Now if someone calls me or wants to schedule a meeting with me I just tell them to head to ScheduleDean.com and select three times that work best for them.

Scheduling programs can be a great productivity boost to your workflow.


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