13 apps for a more productive 2013 Day 9: LastPass

Heading out of 2012 and into 2013 I am highlighting 13 apps that help me with my productivity. This is App 9 and today I’m going to introduce you to LastPass.

We all know the importance of secure passwords in today’s Internet environment. We also know we should not have the same password for each login we have. The problem is, how do you remember all of those logins when it is time to access a site?

Enter LastPass. LastPass is a password manager and creator that works across many browsers and platforms. For the very reasonable investment of $12/year you can have LastPass sync from your computer to your Android phone or your iPhone. They even support Blackberry or Windows phones for you few out there using those platforms.

LastPass is a browser add on for all major web browsers. When you enter a new site that requires a username and password, LastPass will ask if you want to store it. LastPass will even create sercure passwords. You know the type, like aPl#2Nsq! The ones you will never remember, but are the hardest to break.

LastPass can also remember multiple accounts. So if you have two Twitter accounts or multiple Google accounts, LastPass can remember them all and will ask which you want to use.

LastPass has some great other productivity functions to such as creating profiles. You can create a profile that has your name, email, dob, phone number and address. Then when you get to a form that requires filling out you can used the saved profile to fill otu much of the form needed.

There are other password management tools out there, most of which I have not tried. I have been very happy with LastPass, but any password manager is a vital part of secure productivity in 2013.


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