13 productivity apps for 2013, Day 2: Crashplan

2013 is 12 days away. Over the final 13 days of 2012 I am highlighting one app/program a day that helps me with my productivity. This is Day 2 and today I’m going to introduce you to CrashPlan.

Nothing can kill productivity for the next week like a computer crash. Many of you probably have a copy of most of your files in the cloud, but still you can never be to safe when it comes to all your data.

There are many offsite backup services available, my favorite is CrashPlan. Set up CrashPlan once and never think about it again.

When you do your initial backup it will take some time. As a matter of fact it could take a few days. That is okay though, every time your computer connects back to the Internet, your backup will continue running in the background.

Once you are backed up CrashPlan will continue backing up all new and changed files so you never need to think about it.

CrashPlan has many different packages which you can see here.

Are you a user of their competator Carbonite? While there is nothing wrong with Carbonite, as a former user I am much happier with the interface and controls of CrashPlan. Here is a page CrashPlan has with special offers for Carbonite users. If you are a Carbonite user you will notice you can get your first year of CrashPlan for free.

Does it matter which online backup service you use? Not really. Just make sure you have something. You may never need it, but if you do, you will be very happy you have it.

Full list of 13 apps for a more productive 2013


  1. Dean, excellent post and timely as my Carbonite subscription is coming up in mid-January. Assuming the world won’t end tomorrow I will be changing to CrashPlan. Looking forward to your next 11 apps.

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