Email power tool to clear that inbox

Have you ever checked your email at 5:55am and saw maybe six or seven emails sitting there that came in overnight?

Then come back at 6:05am and all of a sudden that grew to 22 new emails?

It seems that just about every email marketer in the world likes to send emails out right at 6am.

How many email lists are you on? I thought I did a good job of unsubscribing to lists, then I heard about And i found out the truth. goes through your email inbox every morning and looks for emails lists you are subscribed to and makes it easy to get them out of your inbox with one click.

I first started using unroll about three weeks ago and since then I have unsubscribed from 270 email lists to date.

270! I would not have guessed I was even on more than a couple dozen lists.

Head to and check it out. It is free and so easy to use. Your inbox and your productivity will thank you.

Just remember, when you get the Productivity Agent email sent to you, do not hit the unsubscribe, that is when you want to hit the “Return To Inbox” so you can keep receiving great tips like this!


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