Single best thing I did to get control of my email

In my last post on email about slaying the email dragon I mentioned I was going to be sharing one tip I recently implemented that changed the way I view email.

Do you know the power your email has over you? Neither did I.

Even as an inbox zero guy, I did not have as much control over my email as I thought I did.

About a month ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Dan Gold, posted an article on how push notifications are bad for our productivity.

Dan basically challenged me to try it; so I shut my email notifications off on my Nexus phone.

One month later? They are still off!

What I learned

I learned from this experience that even though I have fairly good control over my workflow, better than most, my email was still driving me.

I was surprised to learn how different I felt about my email after I tried this.

After the notifications were off, I checked my email when I wanted to. Every 30 minutes, every hour, not for a few hours- I was in total control.

Before, even though I did not check my email as often as I used to, when the notification on my email went off, I would usually pick it up and just do a quick glance to see who it was from.

When you live like most people live, and you check your phone every time that notification goes off, your email is telling you it is important and it calls the shots.

Once you start checking it only when you choose, then it becomes just a tool, as it should be.

It is really hard to explain the difference, so here is what I want you to do.

For one week, just one week, shut off your email notifications on your phone and on your computer. Check your email when you are ready to, and tell me if it changes how you feel about email.


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