My 2013 outcomes

In the past I have set New Year’s resolutions like everyone else and have failed misserabley like just about everyone else.

This year I am going to do things a little different. This year I am going to set three outcomes for the year as must-hit items. If I do not hit these three outcomes, that means this year was more than likely a disapointment.

And I am going to have a list of other things I want to accomplish too. Things that when I look back a year from now I can say I am happy I accomplished them too. But those are secondary to my three big outcomes.

First my three must do items. Notice there is nothing like Make $xx,xxx a month or the such. When I started this list I started with outcomes like that. Then I asked myself, why, why do I want to make more money? What does that really mean? I think goals like make $xxx,xxx/ year are very arbitary. But if you think why you want to reach that goal then it has a lot more meaning.

My Must Do Items for 2013

  1. Pay for private health insurance for myself and family so not forced into Obamacare
  2. Pay cash for a newer Truck or SUV that I am happy with
  3. Run a sub 20min 5k

This is a list of a few other things I hope to accomplish in 2013

Other 2013 outcomes
Learn to play the guitar
Write at least one more ebook and more likely two
Close over 30 real estate sides this year
Take the family on a vacation this summer
Write more consistantly on Productivity Agent
Video/blog frequently on East Valley Team
Continue to eat healthy non-processed food diet
Three month emergency fund
Maintain a more clean and organized home and office
Strengthen my relationship with God
Pay more attention to the budget
I will have a great year


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  1. Nick Bastian says:

    I love your thinking here… Having our lives in order with health and happiness and a clear understanding of what it really is that we want = winning.

  2. I have always been taught to work backwards from what you want, and also focus on what the $$$ will enable you to do, so what you wrote allows
    you to get so emotionally connected that I know you will do it. I also personally like the words, goal getting rather than goal setting. I know many who set the goals but fail in getting them. Simplicity seems to a big theme in 2013.

    • Thanks Barbie… Simplicity is something I have been working on for about 2 years now.. More of a journey than a destination. And a lot harder to achieve with 5 kids :)

  3. Shane Hollenback says:

    Dean, I love this. I really do. I made a conscious choice not to get wrapped up in the New Year cliche this year, and “Resolutions” was one of them. But… here’s the problem with that. I didn’t do enough conscious reflection on my past, and near enough active thought on my 2013. In my head, I generally know what I want out of 2013… but, I need to write it and dial it down.
    I was talking to a mutual friend of ours last week, she’s also got a great gameplan for 2013. She’s narrowed her 2013 outcomes/goals/vision/resolution (whatever you want to call them) into three words. Those words are easy for her to remember and they pinpoint, every day, exactly what is going to drive her in 2013. I think that she’ll be happy with her outcome. I think you will too. Now I just need to write mine down…

  4. Pretty well rounded goal setting … you are gonna be busy.

    And productive.

  5. Dean,
    We could all pretty much use your goals as a template for ourselves. Wish you the best of luck in meeting and surpassing your goals.

  6. Outcome sounds more attainable!! Dean, it seems like we share in a few of the same goals/outcomes for 2013. What do you do to stay motivated, focused and driven?

    • Dean Ouellette says:

      That is always the tricky party Sally. What I like to do is share it with a few friends who I know will help me remain accountable. Also I start my morning in Evernote with looking at my 3 outcomes for the year, 3 outcomes for the month and three outcomes for the week. Then I make three outcomes for the day that will help me move in that direction. I do those first and as long as i get those three things done (start with ONLY 3) then I know at least i moved the ball forward today. outcomes are not always the same as to do check marks, they are bigger/broader

  7. Tony Vehon says:

    Hi Dean – I love this article and it falls right in line with the business planning I did with my agents this year. We focuses on our “BIG WHY’s”, our “BIG GOALS”, and activities, rather than money. Here’s to an amazing 2013!

  8. Nice post Dean. I changed my thought process on goals last summer when I read a book titled The Charge by Brendan Burchard. He writes, “Goal thinking is destination thinking- it’s all about getting something. Challenge thinking immediately inspires thoughts about the journey-it’s about giving something more of yourself.” In August, I challenged myself to walk/run 100 miles in 30 days and I completed the challenge, lost 10lbs in the process. This 1st Quarter of 2013 I set a challenge of achieving 50 pts (pts for certain daily activities I must do to grow my business) daily and 3,000 pts by the end of March. It will be a stretch but when it’s achieved I will have significantly grown my business. Hope to see you at our upcoming Chandler Home Tour on 1/8/2013 if you can make it.

    • Dean Ouellette says:

      OK Richard you have me very much intrigued by this pts concept. Lets grab coffee and talk more. I have it on my schedule. Then again I had the last one too :)

  9. Dean – great list of outcomes for the new year… agree completely, even on the guitar (I just bought a Fretlight – love it!)

    Only suggestion / addition… maybe add a goal of “x” number of satisfied folks – people you’ve helped in a RE transaction, but with the added element of counting the people directly connected to the transaction, rather than the raw number of sides… Take your 30 sides, but add in any other connections that would love you for your service – could be parents, referral agents, anyone else who you can directly “make happy” by your service… Now that 30 becomes a bigger number – maybe 50 people, maybe 75 people, all who think you walk on water. THAT is a good goal to have!


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