My 2013 outcomes

In the past I have set New Year’s resolutions like everyone else and have failed misserabley like just about everyone else.

This year I am going to do things a little different. This year I am going to set three outcomes for the year as must-hit items. If I do not hit these three outcomes, that means this year was more than likely a disapointment.

And I am going to have a list of other things I want to accomplish too. Things that when I look back a year from now I can say I am happy I accomplished them too. But those are secondary to my three big outcomes.

First my three must do items. Notice there is nothing like Make $xx,xxx a month or the such. When I started this list I started with outcomes like that. Then I asked myself, why, why do I want to make more money? What does that really mean? I think goals like make $xxx,xxx/ year are very arbitary. But if you think why you want to reach that goal then it has a lot more meaning.

My Must Do Items for 2013

  1. Pay for private health insurance for myself and family so not forced into Obamacare
  2. Pay cash for a newer Truck or SUV that I am happy with
  3. Run a sub 20min 5k

This is a list of a few other things I hope to accomplish in 2013

Other 2013 outcomes
Learn to play the guitar
Write at least one more ebook and more likely two
Close over 30 real estate sides this year
Take the family on a vacation this summer
Write more consistantly on Productivity Agent
Video/blog frequently on East Valley Team
Continue to eat healthy non-processed food diet
Three month emergency fund
Maintain a more clean and organized home and office
Strengthen my relationship with God
Pay more attention to the budget
I will have a great year


Photo Credit angietorres on Flickr