5 Reasons Students Will Love Using Evernote

Today, something a little different. I want to introduce you to Jordan Collier. Jordan, the author of Evernote Student Handbook, has agreed to share with my audience some tips on using Evernote for your children.

My daughter, who is in 8th grade, received a Fire Kindle for Christmas. She asked me to teach her Evernote, and as much as I love Evernote I had a hard time telling her how she may be able to use it.

So off to the web I went and I there I found Jordan. He shares with us some great tips that we can pass on to our kids. And if you like what you see make sure you check out his ebook.

Now join me in welcoming Jordan.


I surveyed my 8th graders to see what tech devices they could use at school if needed and the results were astounding:

98% of my students had at least one device.

The overall ratio was 2.1 devices/student.

If this is true, then why do students still prefer to hand-write assignments? Why do students lose notes and assignments? Why do students lug around bulging backpacks and have one unorganized notebook for each class?

I use my phone and iPad for just about everything. If it works for me, wouldn’t it work for the digital natives who think an iPhone has always been around? Students could use their phones and tablets to help them at school and stay organized, right?

But they don’t.

It’s not because they don’t want to; it’s because they don’t know how.

So this year I’ve tried my hardest to teach students (and other teachers) how using Evernote at school will help them stay organized, be less stressed, and be better prepared for school. I hosted a workshop, wrote a handbook, started a blog, and I use Evernote daily in my class to teach my students the benefits of digital organization.

Here are five reasons reluctant students may try using Evernote:

1. Search notes instantly. This is by far the coolest feature of Evernote. Type a note, snap a picture, or scan a handwritten document into Evernote and it becomes a searchable document (even handwritten notes). For students, this is a complete time-saver and great when studying for tests.

2. Keep a digital notebook for every class. By using Evernote, students no longer need a 3-ring binder for each class. Instead, by creating notebooks and notebook stacks for each class, students can keep all of their notes, assignments, and class papers in one place– Evernote. Say goodbye to this:

Use Evernote to stay organized

Use Evernote to stay organized

3. No more lost or misplaced papers. If students complete notes or an assignment on paper, they can snap a picture of it (or scan it) and save it directly to Evernote. I’ve had several students this year lose an assignment, but email me their scanned document when the assignment was due. Storing assignments digitally definitely saved their grades!

4. Share notebooks. When students work in groups, inevitably the student who has the group’s folder is absent or goes on a “unexpected” family vacation. It always happens. Using a shared notebook allows students to have one location to save and share information regardless of their physical locations. Whether they are working from school, from home, from Starbucks, or from Disney, each group member always has access to the shared notebook.

5. Text papers in class. Students are FAST at texting– ridiculously fast– and most of them hate handwriting anything, especially essays. So instead of physically writing an essay in class, many of my students use their phones instead of pencil and paper. They open an Evernote note, text their paragraph or essay, and then email me the note. If they don’t finish in class, their note is automatically saved and synced on Evernote, and the next time they open the note, they can pick up where they left off. No flash drives or computers needed.

Even though the digital natives are very tech savvy, they still lack confidence and know-how when it comes to using tech at school. At first, many of them feel it’s more work or takes too much time, but like anything, the more they try, the faster they become.

To get more ideas about how students could use Evernote at school, download the free ebook 19 Practical Evernote Ideas for Students.

Click below if you’d like to purchase the Evernote Student Handbook– a how-to guide I created for my students.

What is the difference between Notebooks and Tags in Evernote?

I’m going to help clarify one of the things I struggled with most when I first started using Evernote.

What is the difference between notebooks and tags?

I have been racking my brain to come up with the best analogy on how to describe the power of tags.

I have to go back to my younger days to come up with an analogy that works for me. I was an avid baseball card collector in my youth. I had thousands and thousands of cards and spent many weekends at card shows.

But what does this have to do with notebooks and tags?

Notebooks are like storing all of my same year and make of cards in one box. So all of my 1984 Topps would be in one box, I mean notebook. All my 1985 Topps would be in a second box, and all my 1985 Fleer’s would be in yet another box. You get the point.

If I put everything in one notebook, I am still able to organize my cards by tags.

In an instant I would be able to pull out all the rookies. Then instantaneously be able to resort and look at all the pitchers. Then just as quickly, I could reorganize them again to look at all my Red Sox cards. And then I could reorganize by National League All Stars.

Hopefully you see the power of tagging. The only time you NEED separate notebooks is when you intend on sharing notes with friends, colleagues or clients.

Tags are so powerful you can run a complete to-do and task management system with them. How do you that? My next post will describe that in detail.

In the meantime, if you want to check out the book I wrote, Evernote for Real Estate, you can find it here.

Fido for your electronic files

One of the great things about your dog Fido is he will go fetch you your newspaper or slippers.

And if you have kids there is a good chance you have trained them to go fetch you a beer right?

No? That’s just me? Maybe that is for another productivity email.

Well here is a new nifty service I have been using for the last two months for helping fetch your monthly statements to keep you paper free and organized.

FileThis|Fetch is a service you can find inside the Evernote Trunk which will go out onto the Interwebs and grab you your monthly bank statements, investment, insurance and more.

If you are looking to go paperless this system is a must have to integrate with your Evernote account.

While not every electric company or bank is yet a member, their list is growing fairly steadily and it is only a matter of time before they are there.

While Fetch will dump statements onto your desktop or into Evernote they are soon coming out with integration for box.net, Dropbox and Google Drive.